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Published on 02 October 2012
IMAP and POP are two network protocols that are designed to communicate with mail servers. POP (Post Office Protocol) has only a very limited range of functions, IMAP is much more complex, and provides E-mails as a network file system.
If an E-Mail Server offers both (IMAP and POP) protocols, please use for MobiFolders IMAP instead of POP. Select POP Protocol only if IMAP is not available. (e.g. Hotmail)
The MobiFolders predefined parameters of most known E-Mail servers were created according to the above principle. If you select for example the server of Telekom, you donĀ“t see the technical parameters (protocol, port and server address), but only your personal data such as name and password. The hidden parameters can be viewed later, after an account is stored, and amended if necessary.
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