MobiFolders 3 - The Fastest File Manager and PDF Reader


MobiFolders is designed to be the fastest, most intuitive file manager for iPhone and iPad. The app is a quick and easy productivity app to help edit and manage your files.

AppIcon GinosChaos EN MobiFolders gives users the opportunity to exchange data via iPhone or iPad with a Windows PC or cloud service, and then update them via iOS. MobiFolders manages unlimited email accounts and archives important messages in PDF format. Additionally, MobiFolders includes a PDF reader with extensive editing capabilities. With its increased processing speed and host of new/improved features, MobiFolders is the best mobile productivity/file editing solution for iPhone or iPad users today.

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Finding, Organizing and Editing Files

Finding, organizing and editing files is simple using MobiFolders. The path bar is particularly useful when navigating in different sections of your file and directory structure. Using the MobiFolders dual browser system you can quickly drag those files and directories from one location and drop them in another. A full-text search is an additional feature to manage and locate your files within a matter of seconds.

MobiFolders can display various file formats from Microsoft programs including Word, Excel and PowerPoint -to- Apple applications including Keynote, Numbers and Pages -to- basic image files. In addition to those file features, music files (mp3 and mp4), HTML documents, iOS videos, password-protected archive files (zip and RAR) and PDFs can all be opened in MobiFolders.


Effective for all Operating Systems

Logo WinMacUnix 1 When using MobiFolders, there are no barriers between iOS and other operating systems. The app uses the SMB protocols 1 and 2, WebDAV, FTP, FTPS, and SSH (SFTP). Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX computers (via SFTP), as well as NAS as an external server can be integrated without expert knowledge.

Users can find a wizard that assists with step-by-step instructions. With just a tap, MobiFolder users can choose which files and/or folders they want to import to their iPhone or iPad. The data export works in a similar way. If a file or folder in MobiFolders is marked, a command bar appears providing an export option among various options.


Customizable Synchronization

Logo Clouds 0 MobiFolders gives users the ability to synchronize documentsbetween the iPhone or iPad and other locations. After setting up the connection, a tap on the screen is all that is necessary to update all desired files. The synchronization process is the same for all platforms. MobiFolders currently supports iCloud Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, HiDrive and Telecom Media Center. All other systems including SMB 1 or 2, WebDAV, FTP, FTPS, and SSH (SFTP) are accessible.


Email Management

GinosOrdnung EN In order to archive emails via MobiFolders, no additional software is needed. With just one tap, any existing file(s) can be selected and sent by mail. One particular feature to highlight is the PDF interface in which each email, attachments included, can be archived or imported as PDF files to MobiFolders. This feature is very useful when the standard mailer cannot open an attachment, which is common when using iOS. If a PDF file appears distorted or the mailer blocks opening a ZIP, MobiFolders works to import these files and access them directly.


PDF Editing Made Easy

Simply swiping, tapping, or dragging can edit the context of an existing PDF document. Insert comments, highlight sections, add pictures or delete words – anything is possible with MobiFolders.



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