Desktop as a special folder in MobiFolders

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Published on 02 October 2012
The folder "Desktop" in MobiFolders fulfill specific system functions and can therefore neither be renamed nor deleted.
Perhaps you remember the subsequent image of the "brief introduction" that is placed by default in the folder "MobiFolders".
Function 1: Access to the contents of the desktop takes place in the area with the number 3. Between the windows 2 and 3 the files can be copied or moved via drag and drop. You remember easily which of these operations takes place:
MOVE from Desktop into another folder, it means from window 3 to 2
COPY from a folder to desktop, it means from window 2 to window 3




Function 2: Desktop is a kind of "Working folder" or "cache" in MobiFolders. MobiFolders saves all files that are downloaded from the import accounts by default in desktop.

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