How to connect Windows XP with WebDAV?

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Published on 02 October 2012
When  the era of WebDAV began, Windows Vista already existed in the market, and maybe that's why the implemenation of the WebDAV client in Windows XP was resolved only rudimentarily. In Windows 7, for example, the client is significantly faster and above all free of known bugs.
You can read the details about each step to establish the connection in the following excerpts from the MobiFolders user guide:
Step 1 Starting the WebDAV server of MobiFolders (open the instruction)
Step 2 Connection from Windows XP (open the instruction)
If you establish the connection according to paragraph 4 of the above mentioned instructions and should receive the error message "The specified folder is invalid.", please reconsider if you have entered the connection parameters exactly as shown in MobiFolders. if it is not the case, please enter the correct parameters.
However, if the correct parameters have been entered and the connection can not be built up, it seems that the "WebFolders" of Windows XP have to be reinstalled. To do this proceed as follows:
1. Start-> run-> webfldrs.msi  ENTER
2. Under "Select reinstall mode" select all points!
3. Click OK
4. Now click "Reinstall"
5. Restart the computer after the installation
6. Create again a WebDAV connection to the MobiFolders according to operating instructions.
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