MobiFolders 2.1 includes FTP and SSH

MobiFolders 2.1 was released on the 27.08.2014 on the App Store as a free update.

In this version we have implemented the following points::

  1. New network protocol SSH (SFTP)
    Icon SFTP big (64x64) Retina      The well-known symbol of Linux enables MobiFolders, beginning with this version, to communicate with the operating systems Linux and UNIX. In this program we call it SSH (SFTP), in order to avoid confusion with FTP.

  2. New network protocol FTP
    Icon FTP big (64x64) Retina      Some users have asked us to implement this Protocol in MobiFolders. Since this Protocol is quite old and there are now faster and more flexible protocols, as for example SMB2, we have focused in the first place on the more current protocols that you already have know in MobiFolders.

    We have examined the FTP protocol very closely and we are convinced we have solved the problem areas better than our competitors. We mean by that primarily dealing with special characters in folder and file names. The final key to the successful use lies however in the right setup of the accounts. When setting up the FTP account, we recommend you to set "Trust server feedback". We have not named it deliberately "automatically" because in this case it is the result of a server query and not of an internal analysis. By testing FTP servers, we have noticed that some servers identify themselves with a different encoding that they actually use. Should you encounter problems with the special characters and you don't know exactly which encoding your server uses, try the other variations from the list, one variation at a time.


  3. Adjustments to the upcoming iOS 8
    When appears the next version of iOS? We do not know it exactly. However we have already adapted MobiFolders to the current beta version of iOS 8.


For the next update we are planning to implement an innovative function to support group work. Let's be surprised.

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